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Status: CLOSED; I am NOT DOING requests.





What I will do:

It can be a pixel icon, or a drawing, or a painting. I will decide.




:bulletgreen: How may I order for requests?

Just send me a note when you see the requests are open.

:bulletgreen: May I order a request without any character - I mean, just an object or a landscape?

Maybe I can do an object, but I do not do just the landscape.

:bulletgreen: What do you do?

People in manga style, monsters and animals (feral and anthro). However, I can try something new.

:bulletgreen: What do you not do?

I have difficulties with mechas, so please do not ask me to do this.

:bulletgreen: How many slots can I take?

Only 1 slot.

:bulletgreen: How many commissions you allow per slot?

Only 1 request per slot.

:bulletgreen: How many characters will you allow per request?

Only 1 character per request.

:bulletgreen: How long you delay to do my request?

Depends of the difficulty and complexity of the drawing, and of my time. Usually three or four days, but sometimes I can take one or two weeks, or more.

:bulletgreen: When may I pay you?

It is a request, it is free and you pay nothing C:


Important Observations:


:bulletgreen: I do only digital media;

:bulletgreen: I will not accept erotism, racism, abuse or adult content of any kind. However, I can do some mild violence, with some blood - but nothing very shocking;  

:bulletgreen: Please, give me references!

:bulletgreen: First I'll examine the request; if I can to do, I'll do. If I can't, I'll notify you and cancel the request. You can order another;

:bulletgreen: I'll draw in my style, then the work may not be identical in the character suggested;

:bulletgreen: I do not do works for commercial uses, and please do not resell the art;

:bulletgreen: I have the right to use the request for personal showcasing; part of copyright of the art is mine. Please do not insist.

:bulletgreen: I will do my best to finish your order on time; however, I have the right to cancel the request when needed.

Note: I can edit this Info when needed.
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Submitted on
March 26, 2013