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Hello guys, how are you?
I'm not fine because I'm on a killer college, but besides this it's alright!
I just want to inform that I'm still active, and I visit deviantArt every week to comment, fav and reply some comments. And I still draw, everyday, but I don't post my drawings because, huuum, I don't think my sketches so cool xD but some coolest sketches and works in progress I post in my Tumblr, so, if you're my watcher and have a Tumblr's account, please do not forget to follow me there!

And I'm thinking in clean up my deviantart's gallery. I have some old and UGLY drawings, it's boring when I post something new and on side appears these horrible things I did in the past xDDD

Oh, and one last notice: I'm doing ANIMATION now. Ok, I'm still a noob animator, but I like to do that! I hope post my newest animations soon :)

Thank you for reading this hahaha
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More specifically, digital drawing. 
I was planning to do a lot of illustration in my vacations, but for some reason my eyes hurt everytime I look to my laptop monitor for 30 minutes or less. The pain persist for hours, and I need to stop anything in my computer to relax my vision. Also, I noticed that my eye floaters get worse in contact of artificial light. 

So, I need to decicate my free time now to relax my eyes, and control the computer use. I'm doing some eye therapy and maybe stop using computer must be a good idea for my health.

Thank you for understand :) 
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But I'm still alive!
Thanks to my vacations, maybe I can restore myself x.x

This was a troubled year to me. It started well, but some things become strange after september. My university went on strike in august, and we lost much time. When class returned, our projects and homework had their deadlines shortened. I do parallel courses and it complicated my life a little. 

Due stress, in october some floaters appeared in my right eye. They still disturb me, today. 
If you don't know what heck it is, floaters are like small rounds or straight shadows in your vision, that move in all directions when you move your eyes. It's looks like small dirt and are annoying because you can't remove them. They can disappear someday, or you can have them for all life. 

As illustrator and artist, these floaters destroyed my ability to concentrate in my artworks. Because when I see a line, a detail or a painting I'm making, I see these shadows strolling over and I don't see it so very well. It's so frustrating, and the doctors say that there are not treatment for this problem. 

But it isn't all. In middle of november, my laptop stoped to work. This fucked my college works.
I sent to technical assistance and discovered a problem in the hard-disk controller. Fixed it, and the technicals formated my computer. And then started a new problem. 

My OS was Windows 7 Home Basic, and I won a Windows 10 after repair. It's so nice, I really liked it! I just find it odd because the system was Windows 10 Pro, and according Microsoft, an upgrade from my Windows 7 Home Basic should give me a Windows 10 Home. After one week, the system was updated and asked for an activation. Wait. I searched for the system informations. The last digits of the product key number didn't correspond with my key number. It was a pirate system. 

I sent to assistance again and the profissionals didn't admitted the pirate system. I heared a little story about "Microsoft send a new serial number when you upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10" and "you can't upgrade Windows 7 Home Basic to Windows 10 Home anymore because Microsoft changed the system editions and now we have just Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Premium and Windows 10 Ultimate". I pretended I believed. They activated my system, and I got home. Because of college, I hadn't time to format the system and reinstall all programs. There were only two weeks! And day after day, strange things occured in my laptop. The system shows problems and bugs, I needed to format but I had no time! My works were disturbed all time. 

I endured until college end, to format my computer to Windows 7 Home Basic. I hadn't an .iso CD with the system and the technicals erased the manufacturer recovery disk in my HD. I won a CD from a cousin, but it doesn't works. Then I bought another CD from another technical assistance and got a new .iso to format my computer. Man, the .iso seemed hacked o.ó; Windows 7 Home Basic was a little buged, but the upgrade to Windows 10 was possible. Now I have Windows 10 Home. Original. 

I still fixing up and reinstalling programs here, but I hope finish soon. Then, I will sleep for one week. After this I think about new illustrations. 
Hi guys, I just want to say that now I have an Instagram account where I'll post a little of my work process - materials, sketches, studies and etc. You know, I don't work just with digital illustrations, I like to do traditional drawing, engraving, sculpture and photography too :)
------FOLLOW ME------

Nice weekend to everyone! 
Writing this journal just to say: I'M ALIVE! xD
I'm not updating my gallery latelly, BUT this doesn't means that I stopped to draw. So, I'm linking here some websites where you can check for updates and see stuff that I do and don't post here >:3







More illustration in my dA soon! o/
Hm, I don't want to explain minutely this, I just want to say...

I will not update my gallery for some months. 
I need to stop to post my arts.
I still will draw while this. 
Probably I will post some of my arts I will be doing after this period.
I still will login here and check my messages and reply some comments.
I hope back to post more arts soon =) 

Kiribans are canceled and commissions are closed. 
Lately my computer is working bizarrely, specially with Photoshop and Paint Tool SAI. Are strange errors and I'm a little nervous because of them xD 

Photoshop. I was editing an image and saved it to upload on Tumblr. There, I saw that the colors are differents, so I assumed that it's because the image was saved as CMYK. Then I opened the Photoshop again, change the mode to RGB and clicked in "Save". So a error window appear saying "the file's name is incompatible". I don't know what the hell was that, so I closed the program and opened it again. But when I clicked in "Open" to try fix the image again, it dissapeared o.o; 
I'm a little afraid now, I need Photoshop to do my projects and college works, isn't so good see your works deleted after save them =/ 

Paint Tool SAI. This error I discovered that many people already faced, so, maybe, it's a common bug.... An error message appear when I try open .png images and the thumbnail doesn't appear. However, I can open them normally.
Curiously, this just occurs with scanned images, when I save the image as .jpg after scan it or if it's a .png image created on computer, the error doesn't appear. 

I use Photoshop CS6 and Paint Tool SAI 1.1, and I just wanted to know if anyone here ever had any of these problems and what I should do...
Hey guys, how are you? I'm very inactive lately, uh? It's true, I'm not drawing a lot these days. BUUT I want to draw and paint again soon, and better! >: D

BY THE WAY, I redid my Art blog, check it out! I'm posting there some of my arts (some I don't post here on dA), articles, quotes and some of my college works. I'm updating every week!

Oh, and thank you for all new watchers! I'm very glad to know that people still watches me while I'm busy!

To finalize this journal, I would like to know... what you want to see more in my Gallery? I draw many themes, and I do fanarts of a lot of games and animes, but what you like to see more often? It's just a research, just wanna know hehe

Have a nice week!
Yeah, I need to ask it for you... How happy are you? What make you feel good?
Let's talk a little, reply this question for me ^^

It's a research I'm doing for college, I need your help o/

Well, and my answer to this question is... I'm very happy, what make me fell good are books, arts and videogames, mainly something related to creativity :)
I want to say something... but first, I need to THANK FOR ALL BIRTHDAY WISHES ALL YOU GAVE TO ME, I'M REALLY VERY THANKFUL :'D

Now, the message. As you know (or not), now I'm studying in a college, and my time is not the same as before. 
I just need to inform that maybe for a time being I won't do a lot of art - but I'll do my best to continue active, ok? =)
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I think I have Art Block again, so let's do something while I recover my inspiration. What about a FAQ?
I saw a lot of artist with a FAQ, questions with answers to inform watchers about... everything of their lifes xD

You just need to ask me anything here, or sending a note with your questions.

I will separate the most relevant questions and create a FAQ :3

It's for limited time, maybe two or three weeks - so, be hurry!
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FINALLY I finished High School! FINALLY I'm on vacations! ;v;
And now I need to wait the results of an exam I did to try enter on a college ;w; maybe I'll enter on a Design College next year ^^ (please cheer for me!).

And now, on vacations, I have some targets to meet hehe

. I will draw more >8D INDEED! 
. I will start an old project: make a graphic novel!
. Commissions will be open until the end of my vacations! Enjoy it while I have the time to do!

Yesh, I'm so happy xD
Have a nice day!

Just to remember.

Pixel icon like this
Digital Chibi Drawing like this
Digital Drawing like this
Digital Painting like this.

Oh, and I have some rules, LEARN MORE HERE.
Good luck.
EDIT: THIS "In Brazil, PlayStation 4 Will Cost Over $1,800"…

DAMMIT, Playstation 4 will cost twice the price of Xbox One in Brazil, aaaaaaargh
God, why I didn't born in the USA, why, why, why?
Ok, I will play Kingdom Hearts III with a Xbox One then TwT

Note for you that isn't a Brazilian:
Everything in Brazil have expensive costs, because taxes here are too high. To make matters worse, the population does not have good working conditions.
In the USA PS4 costs $399; it theoretically should cost in Brazil approximately R$999, with taxes. But not; it will cost R$3999, this means with this price you can buy 4 units of PS4 in the USA!
Can you believe it?!
Well... maybe you do not know it, but I have an Art Blog on Tumblr and an Art Page on Facebook o/

In both I post sketches, WIPs and some of my artworks. And on my Tumblr I post tutoriais and some texts.
I am starting with them yet, so you will not find a lot of thing. But I will posting many contents with time xD

Enjoy =D


Are you interested in commission? Check these simple steps!


2 :bulletgreen: GET YOUR SLOT! 
There are 2 slots avaliable. Send me a note if you want take one.

3 :bulletgreen: INFORM ME!
I need to know:


4 :bulletgreen: WAIT A SEC!
I need to confirm your order.

5 :bulletgreen: PAY ME!
50% of the total value, as agreed.

6 :bulletgreen: HOLD UP!
I am doing your order!

7 :bulletgreen: PAY THE REMAINING VALUE!
When I publish the illustration, you need to pay me the remaining value to receive a high resolution copy.


Anyone here play DragonAdopters? And have some DCs left?

The site will close on end of September, and I wish to have a Albino Dark Dragon before this. So I will get all the dragon species, and then... I want to do a special video as a tribute - or, more specifically, something for us not forget how was the DragonAdopters game. 

I just need more 0 Dragon Coins to get an Albino Powder. I will be very thankful if someone help me =)

My DragonAdopters profile:


Have a nice day.
*Portuguese journal entry*
Olá, tudo bem? Hoje no Facebook me mostraram um vídeo muito hilário sobre algo que eu tenho certeza que já aconteceu com a maioria de vocês: comentários cretinos que fazem aos desenhistas. Eu recomendo assistir xD

A propósito, através deste vídeo eu conheci o canal Crás Conversa Oficial, que traz muitas informações e dicas interessantes para desenhistas, tanto iniciantes como profissionais, e admiradores de desenhos. Sugiro darem uma passada lá e ver outros vídeos do canal x)

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  • Playing: Kingdom Hearts II (again)
  • Eating: Food, indeed.
  • Drinking: Mint Tea
Wow, I unwatched a great artist and I didn't know... I'm watching her again. I dunno what happened, I don't remember having unwatching her o.o

Hello there, how are you? Well, I think to draw is more hard for me now, because I'm studying and working in personal project and doing a lot of thing, so I haven't too much time to submit new arts here.


So, I'm in a little hiatus now. I just need to finish a fanart and an art-trade and I'll delay to do a next artwork.
I wanted to do a Odaiba Memorial Day (1st August, a special day for Digimon fans) tribute, two or three Kingdom Hearts fanart, more drawing of my OC, featuring Nei and Rapp Vulpin human form (I never submitted her here, except the ID art and a simple gif animation... and I changed a little her design), and... a lot of arts. But I can't at time. And I'm stressed and tired.

I'm not acessing my PC with much frequence, and I rarely acess internet now. Sorry guys. But I hope I can comment and maybe write more journal entries here.

Phew... it's it. Have a nice day.

I finished Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, wohoo. Oh my, THE END... HE'S... *cough* *cough*
Now I need to play Animal Crossing New Leaf *w* I hope have time for playing it.
Argh, and I need to finish the books of the ENEM (a Brazilian national student exam)
I have some doubt about this, but is better to be alert. Please read this carefully.


(Copied from 

There is a hacker going around on DA and already hacked These pages
I could be the next, or you so be careful.
Spread the word!

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I could be the next, or you so be careful.

The hacker does penis pictures around in the account page and writes in journals: "I hate you all, go die"  And he/she also remove all your watches. 

If this happens to me, then you know that isn't me. I write this journal to warn everyone here. Write it yourself on your Page. I think the hackers will not have more fun with  hacking you if you and your watchers already know what could happen.

Apparently, there's a hacker going around and hacking into other people's accounts to block your friends so that your friends block you, get you in trouble, and could get you banned from DeviantART. If you get this warning, copy and paste this into your Journal and spread this to everyone.


TELL EVERYONE ON YOUR LIST BECAUSE IF SOMEBODY ON YOUR LIST ADDS HIM THEN YOU WILL GET HIM ON YOUR LIST. HE WILL FIGURE OUT YOUR ID COMPUTER ADDRESS, SO COPY AND PASTE THIS MESSAGE TO EVERYONE EVEN IF YOU DON'T CARE FOR THEM AND FAST BECAUSE IF HE HACKS THEIR EMAIL HE HACKS YOUR MAIL TOO (I think what it means by that is that he could assume the identity of your friends, and FOOL you into opening the letter since you think it's your friend that's sending it )!!...

Anyone using Internet mail such as Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and so on. This information arrived this morning, Direct from both Microsoft and Norton. Please send it to everybody you know who has access to the Internet. You may receive an apparently harmless e-mail titled 'Mail Server Report'

If you open either file, a message will appear on If you open either file, a message will appear on your screen saying: 'It is too late now, your life is no longer beautiful.'

Subsequently you will LOSE EVERYTHING IN YOUR PC,

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This is a new virus which started to circulate on Saturday afternoon. AOL has already confirmed the severity, and the anti virus software's are not capable of destroying it .

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Remember, always be careful of messages you receive in email-don't open them unless you're 100% POSITIVE they're safe. If you have even the SLIGHTEST doubt, DON'T open it-DELETE it, it's the smart thing to do!

There is a hacker going around and this one is a bad one.... -.- if he hacks your account he will post pornagraphic pictures especially a male's nether regions. And he will delete all of your watchers and he will write a journal saying "I hate you all. Go die" please if something were to happen to me please understand that I got hacked. As you all know I would never go and tell all of you I hated you all. I love all of my friends to bits. Please spread this around because if he knows you know about him he might not hack you.  I'm not worried about this hacker but I'm his making sure I want to ensure my safety. And I want to make sure you guys are aware so I can save you guys from this as well.